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Notary Services

Notary Services

TransLink provides notary services, legalization, and apostille only in large volumes.
There are three types of notarizations for legal documents:

1. Regular notarization
2. Legalization
3. Apostille

Regular notarization

Notarization of official documents by a notary for presentation to official Russian agencies is carried out in two steps:

1. Translation (verify timeframe with your manager);
2. Notarization (One day minimum. Urgent notarization is possible.).


This is a special procedure for translating and registering official documents from official Russian agencies so that the documents have legal force abroad. This procedure is rather difficult and requires significant expenditures, besides taking a long time. Legalization is carried out in three steps:

1. Document translation (again, please verify the timeframe with your manager).
2. Notarization of documents by a notary (one workday minimum).
3. Registration by the Ministry of Justice (official timeframe for registration – seven workdays minimum).
4. Registration by the Consulate Services Department of the MFA of the RF (registration timeframes –seven workdays minimum).
5. Registration by the embassy of the country to which you plan to present the documents (time frames and costs are determined by each embassy separately for each case).

We remind you that this last registration procedure (embassy registration) must be carried out by the client.


This is a simplified method of legalization and registration of documents being prepared for presentation to countries participating in the Hague Convention (a list of countries is available from your manager). The registration procedure consists of several steps:
1. Document translation (definitely verify timeframe with your manager).
2. Apostille processing of documents by the Ministry of Justice. (registration timeframes –seven workdays minimum).

Please take into consideration that if you translated the document yourself, registration of any type can only be completed after verification (editing) of the translation by our translators

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