• «Şəms» Tərcümə Xidmətləri Mərkəzi sizi bizim saytımızın bütün səhifələrində salamlamağa çox şaddır.


Translating a text is not enough to correctly convey the sense of intercultural information. For this purpose we employ specialist-editors. They thoroughly check the translated material, confirming it with people for whom the translation is a part of their national native culture and profession. Editing is subdivided into 2 forms: required – i.e. when you place an order and the cost of editing is already included in the translation cost, and also, when you desire to order editorial correcting separately.

Editorial correcting of the translation after fulfillment by us

In order to supply you with an EXCELLENT QUALITY translation, there are several professional subject-determined translators assigned, and also a subject-determined editor. It is no secret that with text translations each translator has his/her “own personal” style of translation. Therefore, in order to ensure that the completed work is “readable” after translation, and also to exclude even the most minor errors, «Shams Translation» ALWAYS uses editors. These technological steps make it possible to ensure EXCELLENT QUALITY translations for our clients. An outstanding translation, after all, reflects well on your business!

Editorial correction of previously translated text

If you have already translated a text yourself, or if your text was translated by another translator and you are not confident of its quality, it is possible to turn it over to us for verification of its accuracy. This service is provided to you completely free-of-charge and points out any errors to you. If it is apparent that the translation contains serious errors, we will propose you do a qualitative, professional editorial correction. If the translation is more than 50% incorrect, we will propose that you have it retranslated.

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