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Written Translation

Written Translation

Words are the material of communication. A text in a foreign language is certainly a type of material that is accessible to your understanding. We do translations of documents, instructions, contracts, founding documents, economic reports, news, and information from websites fast and, most importantly, to a high quality standard!

Quality translations are the priority in our work!

Kinds of translation

Translations can be divided according to semantic specificity:

Highly specialized for example: technical, economic, medical, movies, legal or having to do with PR, advertising, or marketing);


Highly specialized

That is, the translation is executed in strict conformity with the original, in view of precise terminology as demanded by official initial documents. We are pleased to offer you translations in the following basic fields: jurisprudence, economics, technical, and medicine. In each main field we have separate divisions according to specialization. For example:

the TECHNICAL field is subdivided into the following themes: oil extracting, manufacture of equipment for oil extracting, gas-transport systems, mechanical engineering, instrument making, aircraft construction, shipbuilding, automotive subjects, etc.

COMMUNICATIVE TECHNOLOGIES: Public Relations development, advertising, marketing, merchandising, etc.


That is, a translation adapted to the culture and national traits of the country into whose language the translation is being carried out. Such an approach is desirable for translating journal articles, press releases, and advertising. We remind you that for each specific specialty, whether it is finance, the automotive industry, energy, medicine, economics or jurisprudence, we have a constant and broad enough audience of experts. Each of them possesses unique knowledge in their area of expertise. In this they are valuable to us, and to you!

For the first time at «Shams Translation» – OBLIGATORY editing of each translated text has been included in the work cycle of the translation procedure. Editors not only check the translation for mistakes, but also correct the formatting, integrity and correctness of figures and dates transferred from the original. Besides that, if your translation is urgent and was executed by several translators, it is especially important that our editors arrange the pieces into a uniform style, so that it reads smoothly. It’s no secret that the style or so-called “handwriting” of every translator is unique. This complex technology allows us to correct even the finest defects, which unavoidably appear, taking into account the fact that translators are people and people make mistakes.


The peculiarities of written translation

Written translation from many languages of the world has a common peculiarity. Since English and German are more succinct than Russian, written translation from them will appear somewhat longer than the original text.

This is why «Shams Translation» typically measures the size of each written translation job twice—first as an estimate before the work is done, then more precisely and finally after the work is done.

The number of pages of the original text and the translation is counted using the character counting function in MS Word on the basis of 250 word or 1800 characters.

Our clients are often surprised that translations differ in length from the originals by between 10-20%. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about this for objective reasons.

The first reason is the Translator’s code of conduct, which says that a text is inviolable. The translator has no right to change the text to suit his own preference, to abbreviate or expand it, unless the client has instructed him to do so.

The second reason has to do with the peculiarities of cross-national linguistics.

We have the right to answer only for our quality! The quality of «Shams Translation» is constant.

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