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Oral consecutive translation

To understand and translate are the “aerobatics” of a professional translator, and we work with these experts.

Consecutive Oral Interpretation

This is necessary on such occasions as meetings with foreign partners, business negotiations, conversations, and trips abroad. Consecutive oral interpretation is the translation of a speaker with the necessary pauses needed for the translator to relay the translation. The pauses are small, as a rule. During speech, the translator already begins to technically form the translation and during the pause, completes it. Translation skills are also very important in consecutive translation and demand special and serious preliminary preparation, but not as much as for simultaneous interpretation. Therefore, it is desirable, but not necessary, for the translator to familiarize him/herself with the necessary subject matter beforehand. Consecutive interpreters are also categorized according to their thematic fields of specialization.

«Shams Translation» provides consecutive interpreters in the field you need. This type of translation is very effective for “mobile” types of negotiations involving a lot of traveling and movement; for example, at building sites or negotiations with subsequent excursions, etc. Oral consecutive interpretation is usually ordered for events with rather few participants.

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