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About us

We, «Shams Translation» Foreign Languages and Translation Centre are glad to welcome you to our site! We offer a whole spectrum of translation services: written translations, interpreting (consecutive and simultaneous), literary, technical, medical, juridical, economic translations, and translation of movies, notarization and other translation services. On our site you will find detailed information about all the services we offer, as well as our community activities, special campaigns, events, competitive advantages, work ability of the translators and everything having to do with the world of translation and translators – from dictionaries and all kind of translations to the professional translator’s code of conduct.

The most popular types of text translation that our translators do are translations from English, German, French, Turkish, Persian, Greek, Arabic, Chinese, Hungarian, Czech, Polish, Portugal, Ukraine, Hebrew, Hind, Urdu, Bulgarian, Latin, Korean to Russian and Azerbaijani and vice versus.

You can get some general information about all these languages, as well as the peculiarities of translating from and into these languages in the Languages of the World section of our website. If you need to translate texts urgently, you may use online order, attach the text and our manager will contact with you ASAP.

«Shams Translation» : All types of interpreting and translating services!

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